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1) A customer calls me requesting help with his Matco MA25 plasma cutter.His Matco dealer knows nothing about the unit and cannot help him find consumables for the torch. His local-yokel welding supply is clueless (“it anit no Miller, Lincoln, Hypertherm-or whatever-probably some Chinese piece of crap”-direct quote!).

2) So I hopped on the phone and called the Matco help line (1-866-289-8665). Upon answering the phone the operator demands my name and account number. I don’t have an account number; at this point the conversation starts to break down, it is obvious that this is not the answer she expects I finally explain that I am trying to purchase consumables for Matco plasma, she is clueless! In a last ditch effort she hands me off to “Special Orders”!

3) When “special orders” answers they have an idea of what I am looking for. The guy is really trying to help me,  so I will with hold his name. He informs me that Matco does not support the equipment, they have no manuals, they offer no torch consumables-don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Anything I need to buy for the plasma has to be bought thru an “Authorized Matco Dealer”(refer to paragraph one). This guy was trying-he faxed me two very grainy images of the plasma torches with part numbers. Now I know that torch they are using is identical to the Weldmart Alpha 3A!

The graphic below illustrates the Matco plasma torches and consumables, the part numbers in Red are Weldmart consumable parts for you Matco plasma. They can purchased on our shopping cart. WE ARE NOT CLUELESS!




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