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Alpha 1 Plasma Torch

Do you have a plasma cutting system that uses "high-frequency" arc starting, and are you unsatisfied (for any reason) with the torch that came with your plasma?

The Alpha plasma cutting torch will replace almost any OEM plasma torch that uses "high-frequency" pilot arc starting. It is designed to cut with air, up to 150 AMPS (50%) duty cycle. If you have an older machine that was designed to cut with nitrogen and CO2, it can now be economically converted to use "shop compressed air." 

The Alpha Plasma torch comes either in a hand-torch or machine-torch configuration, with 20', 40', or 70' leads. The consumables are very inexpensive, and the torch is easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Unlike many torches, the Alpha torch comes with a built-in, "parts-in-place" safety feature. When the shield cap is removed, the machine CANNOT BE ENGAGED! There is no danger of the operator being accidentally shocked while changing consumables.


  1. Torch head, easily replaced.
  2. Handle assembly with micro switch.
  3. Trigger.
  4. Replaceable Vespel® insulator.
    • Many plasma torches including Hypertherm®, Trafimet®, & Lincoln® mold this part into the head. If it cracks or suffers an insulation breakdown, you must throw the head away.
    • The Alpha torch has an inexpensive replaceable insulator instead!
  5. Replaceable electrode cooling tube. If damaged, can easily be replaced.
  6. ONE electrode, 40 to 150 amps.
  7. One swirl ring for all nozzle sizes!
  8. FOUR nozzles give you cutting amperage from 40 to 150 Amps!
  9. Comes standard with a heavy-duty cutting nozzle. Stand-off and drag nozzles are available.


Complete Alpha torch parts breakdown (view larger version)

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