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Alpha 4 Plasma Torch

The Alpha 4 Plasma torch is designed to be an upgrade torch for plasma power supplies that DO NOT USE HIGH-FREQUENCY ARC STARTING.

The Alpha 4 is designed for cutting currents up to 70 amps. The power cable, torch head, electrode, and shield cup are "heavy duty." There is one electrode for currents from 40 to 70 amps. This torch is not only less expensive to buy and maintain compared to the original OEM torch, but it will also give the user a much greater service life.

When you order your Alpha 4 plasma torch from Weldmart-Online LLC, it will come complete with the proper adapter (or the quick-disconnect plug installed) for your power supply, complete installation instructions, and a toll-free help line.

Alpha 4 plasma torch

Alpha 4 with Hypertherm-style quick-disconnect plug

Converting Miller Spectrum:

The Alpha torch makes an excellent additional torch for the Miller Spectrum® 3080 when a smaller, more maneuverable torch is needed for precise cutting. However, please note that the Alpha 4 torch is not recommended for cutting currents above 70 amps.

Converting Hypertherm Systems:

The Alpha 4 is highly recommended as a replacement torch for the following systems, because both the torch itself and its consumables tend to be significantly less expensive: HYPERTHERM® Powermax 800® (PAC-121TS), Powermax 900® (PAC-125TS), Powermax 1000® (T-60®). Compare the prices in our online store to what you are currently paying, and decide for yourself.

Converting Century Machines:

If you own a CENTURY® (82050), DAYTON® (5Z031B), SNAP-ON® (YA5550), SOLAR® (2050) machine, the Alpha 4 torch is a perfect replacement. These machines were originally manufactured by Century Manufacturing. Century sold the line to Clore Automotive, who in 2004, sold the whole line to Lincoln Electric, who may or may not have parts for them now. We recommend the Alpha 4 as the only replacement cutting torch for the original Century (238-456-000 & 238-285-100); these torches were used on Century models 118-014, 118-015, & 118-016.


Complete parts breakdown of the Alpha 4 (Trafimet S-75 & S-105) torch (view a larger version)

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